Book Chapters & Journal Articles

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Magazine & BLOG Articles

 Millar, I. (2021) Enjoyment and the capture of the Drive. Aktief Magazine (Dutch). 

Millar, I. (Forthcoming) Enjoy Your Whiteness: Shame, Violence and Jouissance. Precog Magazine 6.

Millar, I. (2020) AI and the Missing Body Stillpoint Magazine 4.

Millar.I (2020) L'AI et le corps manquant Stillpoint Magazine 4 (French)

Millar, I. (2019) Election Responses. Everyday Analysis.

Millar, I. (2019) God Isn’t Unconscious He’s on Instagram. Everyday Analysis.

Millar, I. (2019) The Banality of Treacle: Mary Berry and the Empire of the Bun. Everyday Analysis.

Millar, I. (2019) Sexbots: Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking? Everyday Analysis.

Millar, I. (2019) Baudrillard: From the Self-Driving Car to the Extimacy of Communication. Everyday Analysis.