Public Talks, Seminars and lectures

G10 Festival of Economy, Philosophy & the Arts, Amsterdam Forthcoming

GUest Speaker alongside Brian Eno, Anselm Kiefer, Slavoj Žižek, Feico Deutekom and others

University of Dundee – Department of Philosophy Forthcoming

Guest Lecturer

The Global Centre for Advanced Studies – The AI Certificate Programme Forthcoming

Guest Lecturer: ‘AI & Psychoanalysis’

Turntable Gallery with Brian David Downs Forthcoming

Guest Lecturer

SUNY Buffalo – Center for the Study of Psychoanalysis & Culture Forthcoming

Guest Lecturer

Philosophy Portal – Lacan’s Écrits Course 2023

Guest Lecturer: ‘Patipolitics: On Kant avec Sade’

How the light Gets in Festival, (London, 2023)

Guest SPeaker

Intelligence Unbound SYmposium

Guest SPeaker

Yoica Mexico 1st International COngress for Psychoanalysis and AI


How the Light Gets In Festival (HAy on Wye 2023)

Guest Speaker

Mise en cage du reel, with Frank Ancel (Trans Justine Barbier) (PAris 2022) 

Guest speaker: Preliminary materials for a thery of the bombshell

Newcastle University: Critical theory and practice research group (Newcastle 2022)

Lecture: premliminary materials for a theory of the bombshell

Virtual enjoyment summer school, the dormant office - amsterdam 2022

Lecturer alongside samo tomsic, dominiek hoens and calum neill

The global centre for advanced studies- Instiute of Psychoanalysis 2022

Lecturer : Psychoanalysis and Artificial Intelligence, Four Part Seminar Series

Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London – MRes Art: Theory and Philosophy: 

Visiting Lecturer: Lacan and Contemporary Film Theory 

University of Lille – Centre Internet et Société, The National Centre for Scientific Research 2022 

Guest Speaker: Sex and the Singularity: AI and Psychotic Discourse Networks 

yoica, ac. Mexico - Dialogues around Artificial intelligence, sex and psychoanalysis

In conversation with isai soto garcia

Nu Documents: On the origin and negation of logic

IN conversation with jake chapman, maxwell cody and brian david downs

Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema & Sound, Brussels – Future Narratives III: The New Abnormal 2022 

Guest Speaker: A Conversation on Psychotic Politics 

Psychoanalysis and Revolution Symposium – Hosted by Daniel Tutt 2021

Panellist with Gabriel Tupinambá & Nadua Bou-Ali

The Dormant office Amsterdam, virtual enjoyment lectures 2021

Guest Speaker: An Introduction to Patipolitics


Guest Speaker: AI and The Patipolitical Body

university of POrto, Institute of Philosophy 2021

Keynote Speaker: Psychoanalysis, AI and the Critique of Identity

UNIversity of warwick, Centre for digital Enquiry: Summer of love 2021

In Dialogue with Alfie Bown: AI Just Wanna Have Fun

In conversation with Jake chapman on the Art of brian david downs 2021

Hosted by Schizotopia Podcast

Can't get you out of my head: POwer politics and the films of adam curtis 2021

Hosted by the University of Otago with Rosie Overall, Brett Nicholls and Daniel Tutt

POstcapitalist desire: Mark Fisher the final Lectures 2021

In Conversation with Matt Colquhoun

International Psychoanalytic University, Berlin – Library Talk 2021

Guest Speaker: Lacan and Artificial Intelligence, with Dr Leon Brenner

The Drouth and Glasgow School of Art – Pleasuring Freud Symposium DEC 2020

Guest Speaker: Time and Taboo: Death Drive in Outer Space

The American University of Paris – The Psychology of Global Crisis 2020 

Conference Speaker: AI and Necropolitics

Old Street Gallery – Sex Robots: Are We Ready? 2019 

Guest Speaker: The Psychoanalysis of Sexbots

The Freud Lacan Institute – Inaugural Seminar 2019 

Keynote Speaker: Sex, Love and Reproduction in the Age of AI

The Courtauld Institute of Art – Imagining the Apocalypse Conference 2019 

Conference Speaker:  the Apocalypse of Sex

Duquesne University – Lacan’s Écrits Conference 2019 

Conference Speaker: Kant avec Sade: A Ghost in the Shell

Edinburgh Napier University – Lacan in Scotland Guest Lecture 2019 

Guest Lecturer: Sex, Artificial Intelligence and the Enigma of Reproduction

University of Warwick Continental Philosophy Conference – What is Philosophy? 2019 

Conference Speaker: Kant avec Sade: A Sex Robot Ethics

The Freud Museum – Beyond the Joke: Psychoanalysis and Comedy Conference 2019  

Panellist with Everyday Analysis Collective: Laughter and Castration

London Society of the New lacanian school – The Laboratory for Lacanian Politics 2019 

Guest speaker: ‘acques Alain Miller’s ‘A Fantasy’: Revisited

London Society of the New lacanian school – The Laboratory for Lacanian Politics 2019 

Guest speaker: Baudrillard and The Ecstacy of Communication

London Society of the New lacanian school – The Laboratory for Lacanian Politics  2018 

Guest speaker: Bodies, Networks and Borders: Jean Claude Milner’s ‘The Traps  of The All’ 

University of Ghent – Lacan’s Écrits Conference 2018 

Conference Speaker: Algorithmic Extimacy: Enjoyment and Artificial Intellligence

University of Essex – Society for European Philosophy Conference 2018 

Conference Speaker: Enjoyments of the Alethosphere

Middlesex University – Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society Conference 2018 

Conference Speaker: Enjoyment in the Age of Ordinary Psychosis

Winchester University – Society for European Philosophy Conference 2017 

Conference Speaker: Artificial Intelligence and the Sexual Compact

Middlesex University – Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society Conference 2017 

Conference Speaker: The Sexual Relation Does Not Exist, But Does My Sex-Bot Know?

Regents University – Society for European Philosophy Conference 2017 

Conference Speaker: Ordinary Psychosis and Contemporary Materialism

Kingston University – Humanities & Social Sciences Research Conference 2016  

Conference Speaker: Give Me Back My Name: The Subject of Ordinary Psychosis

Kingston University – Screen Studies and Performance Conference 2016 

Conference Speaker:  Deleuze and Psychosis: The Thing is the Murder of the Word